Ryan Hewett’s debut solo exhibition was presented by Barnard Gallery in April 2013 and sold out within days of it opening to the public; his second solo show followed suite with similar success in 2014. After solo presentations in New York and California the artist held his first one-man show in London in April 2015; the exhibition was a resounding success and the demand for his portraits continues to grow.

This recent body of work focused on the depiction of leading figures from the past and present that have, for better or worse shaped the world in which we live. His portraits are not life-like depictions, but rather abstracted representations of his subjects.

According to writer, curator and art critic Edward Lucie-Smith, Hewett’s pictures “appear on the painted surface in the form of extraordinary apparitions, present yet not present. The vigorous marks of the brush reveal them, yet at the same time conceal them”.

In South Africa notable group exhibitions that have included the artist’s work are Changing Faces: Profiling Portraits in South African Art (Barnard Gallery, 2013); Paint Matters (Barnard Gallery, 2014); Surface: Emerging Painters (Barnard Gallery, 2015) and Then & Now: Conversations in Time (Barnard Gallery, 2015).

Internationally the artist has participated in group shows in Berlin, London and San Francisco and his paintings have been presented at various art fairs including Joburg Art Fair; Cape Town Art Fair; Fountain Art Fair, Chicago and SCOPE Miami.